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The connected business:

ROI=(user adoption +
strategic allies)

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The connected business:

The rise of remote working and
your HR policy, what you need
to know…

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The connected business:

The connected business: Bust a
silo! Collaborate to innovate

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Prove IT! 10 ways to show the real value of IT to your organisation

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Internal communications dos, don'ts and disasters (A HR manager's best practice guide)

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Hell for leather: How unified communications kick-started Dr Martens

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Why the best CIOs partner with their CMOs (it's all about alignment in a digital world)

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Flexible employee schemes: Get the flex-appeal your company needs

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Marketing nightmares - losing control of the funnel

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The journey so far

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Customer stories

Meet some of Arkadin’s clients who are already supported by our communications solutions in their journey to achieving Connected Innovation.

  • California Telehealth Network

    California Telehealth Network (CTN) expanded the reach of their products and services thanks to the power of ArkadinVideo.

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  • symphony-telephonica

    Symphony Teleca

    Symphony Teleca collapsed the geographic barriers between customers, driving engagement with the brand across the USA and Europe, achieving 20% ROI by reducing telco and travel costs.

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  • Flint Group

    Flint Group used a communications solution from Arkadin to empower a globally diverse workforce and create a culture of collaboration, breaking down geographic silos in the process.

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